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An independant voice actress
I do almost exclusively SFW voice acting, but some NSFW commissions I will still take so I can pay my bills. As needed.

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Years ago I found myself stranded on a small, but bustling island community, amongst the sea of the inter-webs. Lost, confused, and sometimes very fucking disturbed, I came to love that community. Even if I just lurked in the bushes staring at people, I saw the beautiful golden age of a society all it's own. That island, of course was Newgrounds. Maybe it's simple nostalgia, but back then it was a bustling hub of beautiful art, amazing games, and some of the weirdest shit you'll never be able to forget. As all things though, it died down for a while, at least from my eyes. I moved on to adulthood, got busy, became a sailor, didn't hear much about Newgrounds again after I left my teen years.

And then I became a voice actress. I saw a friend here and found myself shocked. I hadn't heard much about Newgrounds in years, I didn't even know it still existed in all honesty. But it did, and here I was. It was like discovering that island community had become an entire island nation. So many artists, both budding and experienced! The talented animators making comedy, drama, even shit-posts! The frankly fantastic music and podcasts. The absolute breadth of subjects this site holds alone is astounding.

From my perspective it's like experiencing the "Golden age" of that beautiful little island ten times over.

What I'm getting at here, is that I want to thank you guys for being here. Newgrounds was, and remains an amazing place, and honestly, it wouldn't be able to be that without you! The artists, animators, actors, directors, producers, developers, and most importantly the fans and supporters. Without you guys this site wouldn't be what it is today.


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Voice acting commissions are in fact open.

If you need a voice actress for any given project let me know and we can hash out the details in dms. If you are unsure make sure to check out my demo reels and previous work, as well as my resume. All of this can be found on my main profile.

Base fee: 10$

SFW: 0.25 a word

NSFW: 0.35 a word


SFW: 10$ a minute

NSFW: 20$ a minute

Any 30 seconds of moaning: 11$

Privacy fee: 15$

(None of the work will be posted on the internet or shared.)

Rush Job fee: 15$

(You will get the audio 24 hours from the time I read the request and get the base fee)